The Sofia University

Sofia University - The St. Clement Ohrid University of Sofia or Sofia University is the oldest and most significant modern higher education institution in Bulgaria, founded on 1 October 1888. The university's edifice was constructed between 1924 and 1934 with the financial support of the brothers Evlogi Georgiev and Hristo Georgiev, whose sculptures are now featured on its façade, and has an area of 18,624 m2 and a total of 324 premises.
Sofia University has 16 faculties and three departments, where 14,000 students receive their education. In addition, it also disposes of a university library, a university press, a computer centre, a sports centre and several other structures.
Biological sciences become part of educational and research programs at Sofia University with the founding of the Department of Botany in 1891 and of Zoology in 1893. Faculty of Biology, as an independent structure, exists since 1962. It offers three degree courses:
•Biology, with specializations in Botany, Zoology, Hydrobiology and Ichthyology;
•Biochemistry and Microbiology with three specializations: Animal and Human Biochemistry and Physiology, Plant Biochemistry and Physiology, General and Industrial Microbiology;
•Biology - Teacher Qualification.