Action FA0907: Yeast flavour production - New biocatalysts and novel molecular mechanisms acronym (BIOFLAVOUR)

Memorandum of Understanding: 264/09
CSO Approval date: 02/12/2009
Entry into force: 20/01/2010
End of Action: 06/06/2014


Chair of the Action: Dr Gustavo M. DE BILLERBECK
Rapporteur: Prof. Peter RASPOR
Science Officer: Ioanna STAVRIDOU
Administrative Officer: Mr Christophe PEETERS

Action overview

The main objective of this Action is to mainstream and catalyze transnational research into the flavour, through coordination of research activities in genomics, functional genomics, biodiversity, metabolic engineering, and bioprocessing engineering. The immediate scientific and technological benefit will be to build the foundation for the development of biotechnological and eco-efficient production of natural flavour compounds that will eliminate potential risks for consumer’s health and the environment.

Flavours and Fragrances (F&F) are highly important quality components in food, beverages, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical products. Nowadays, most F&F molecules are produced by chemical synthesis or by extraction from plants. The need for environmentally friendly processes and the consumer’s preference for natural products encourage research and development in the biotechnological production of F&F. This calls for a strong investment in capacity building through molecular, genetic and metabolic studies of the microbial flavour synthesis, which is at the moment relatively scarce. This COST Action will build a unique European Yeast Flavour Network addressing fundamental research in natural bioflavour production through an innovative systems biology approach.